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Smart-Bin Solution

Smart-Bin solution is able to optimize waste collection by monitoring fill levels of waste bins and alerting intended parties when each bin requires to be emptied. Historical data can be retained to provide insights into throw patterns for future planning.

Smart-Bin Sensor Nodes will send information to our web-based portal hosted with Amazon Web Services, which will among others, collate bin status information for users to manage, display remaining battery capacities and remotely diagnose potential issues related to our system.

Users can also enjoy customizing varying alert frequencies for each bin, controlling access to information for different users.

Our web portal will also allow users to generate standard reports useful and required by users to observe and analyse historical throw patterns and collection frequencies, and predict future throw patterns so as to optimize waste collection.

Mobile App is available for Operation staff to manage the full life cycle (deployment, replacement, decommission) of Smart-Bin at any time. Operation staff shall be able to receive notification alerts for abnormalities such as low battery and high fill levels.

Technologies Used

  • IIS

  • Microsoft SQL

  • Angular,

  • ASP dot Net Core

  • Ionic

  • NB-IoT/CatM1

  • Bluetooth

  • NFC