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Web Based Resource Booking System

The Resource Booking System offers the flexibility to define resources, resource groups and different booking time-slots for each resource.

A resource owner can be assigned to individual resource. Each resource’s availability for booking is shown in tabulated format with colored blocks. Each color signifies different booking status, for example:

  • Grey – time-slot not available for booking

  • Green – time-slot available for booking

  • Red – time-slot booked

  • Yellow – booking pending for administrator or resource owner approval

Users are able to make bookings by clicking on the available green blocks. This system not only allows single booking but also offers repeated booking feature on a single click. This helps users to save time as users need not repeat the booking steps several times. The system also allows users to cancel or transfer bookings. Emails notifications will be sent to initiator for every successful booking, cancellation of bookings, transferring of bookings and rejection bookings.

Technologies Used:

  • IIS

  • Microsoft SQL